The Silver Essence
The Silver Essence
The Silver Essence
The Silver Essence
The Silver Essence

The Silver Essence

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The Silver Essence is a mineral based sleep system that incorporates the antimicrobial benefits of Silver. Thin threads of silver or small silver particles can be woven into mattresses, quilts, and pillows to help combat bacteria and dust mites. Silver is ideal in preventing living conditions that dust mites thrive in, making silver an attractive option to add into bedding materials.  The Silver Essence does just that by infusing silver in the fabric in which your body lays on. The Silver Essence is a hybrid premium mattress featuring high density memory foam to maximize comfort.  Layered super soft transition foam technology engineered to adjust automatically for body support based on your height and weight. It also features a thick foam encasement, individually wrapped pocket coils with customized comfort zones.  At Mattress 33, you save 67%—that’s 33 cents on the dollar! Compare and save on the Silver Essence mattress.


Product Specifications

  • 14” Deluxe Tight-Top
  • 6” Foam Encasement with High Density Foam
  • Individually Wrapped Pocket Coils with Customized Comfort Zones
  • Augmented Orthopedic Support System
  • Premium Cooling Gel
  • Plush Sleep Comfort level
  • Layered Conforming Foam to Maximum Support
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Silver Infused Fabric
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Retail Price well over $2,999 for a Queen (only $999 at Mattress 33)
  • That’s right! You pay 33 cents on the dollar (That’s a 67% discount)!